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Griot's Garage 3 Inch Orbital Polisher

Are you digging for a new piece of metal to add to your shop? Griot's Garage 3 inch Orbital Polisher is a top-of-the-line tool for you! This tool is small and facile to use, making it a valuable alternative for people quick and effortless tasks around the home and office, with two and three inch backings, you can have everything you need to get the job done.

Griots 3 Inch Polisher

The griots 3 inch Polisher is a powerful, yet manageable, substitute to clean and protect your Orbital tools, the griots 3 inch Polisher provides a tough, yet gentle design that helps keep your tools clean and free from stropping. It includes a random Orbital 2 and 3 inch backings plates to make and protection tasks easier, the griots Garage 3 inch Orbital Polisher is a first-class alternative to get your work done right! It presents an 2 and 3 inch backings plates, making it first-class for both small and large projects. The Polisher grants a sturdy design with a heavy-duty belt for longevity, this Polisher is available in the black or green finish. The griot's Garage 3 inch Orbital Polisher is a beneficial surrogate for somebody wanting for a high quality or the Polisher for repairing glass, metal, or structures, this Polisher offers an 8 in inch Orbital body and 3 in inch backings that offers a deep and accurate cuts. With a speed of 1 foot per minute and an energy of 400 the griot's Garage 3 inch Orbital Polisher is a powerful and uncomplicated to handle tool, this Polisher grants 2 and 3 inch backings plates which makes it beneficial for small businesses, schools, or any other orbits applications. This Polisher also features a small conical boss to help you get smoothness.