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Dual Exhaust Tips 3 Inch Inlet

Looking for a top alternative to improve your outdoor search no more than our 3 in 1 Exhaust tips! This Dual Exhaust tip is terrific for improving power and torque, and as well outstanding for improving air quality.

3 Inch Inlet Dual Exhaust Tip

This 3 Inlet angle cut Exhaust tip is polished stainless steel Dual wall with an angle of about 30, you can use it to an 2 Inlet systems or an 3 outlet angle cut system. It is manufactured to an 3 Inlet system, this package features 4 inch Exhaust Tips in a staggered fashion, making it effortless for an individual to read. The Tips are also pair-able for between vehicles, this is an excellent Exhaust tip for larger vehicles with an 3 inch Inlet and 4 outlet. The large size will accept larger Exhaust Tips while the large outfitting will accept straight cuts from the outlet to the outlet, this is a Dual wall twin 3 inch outlet 3 Inlet stainless steel Exhaust Tips that you can use to air or air flow malfunctions. The Tips are made using a straight surface and it is that you're filling which is impressed with the togetherness of the pieces.