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3 Inch Tweeter Replacement

The are first-class for 3 inch, org store. They have an 2-inch and are made of plastic with a black finish, they have white noise generators and are surface mountable.

Best 3 Inch Tweeter Replacement

If you're digging for an 2-38 Tweeter shielded speaker, then you need to inquire into our 3 inch Tweeter replacement, these speakers are top quality at 2-38 Tweeter shielded speakers. They're high sound quality replacements with 8 ohm pairs, so you can experience the difference between these and your old 2-38 Tweeter shielded speakers. Looking for a new tweeter? Don't look anywhere than our new 2 3-18 titanium tweeters, 120 watts. Our pairs of new speakers are made of quality materials and have a terrific sound quality for your home audio needs, if you're searching for a new Tweeter pair of speakers that will update your existing system, then inquire into fisher and curtis. These 2 3 cone Tweeter speakers are Replacement pairs and will update your phone or home cinema system, with high quality and durability in mind, fisher and curtis is a sterling pair of speakers for your system. Or an used speaker that's in need of a new motor, this speaker extends a new motor that is sure to make your music sound better, and it's also gets the job done with 3 inches of clarity.