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3 Inch J Frame Holster

Looking for a comfortable, stylish and affordable leather Holster for your iphone presents you covered! Our J Frame holsters offer a variety of style and comfortable options, whether you're scouring for a simple or a bit more serious attention to detail, we've got you covered. Our holsters come in both 3 inch and 2 inch sizes, so you're always able to find a practical fit, plus, our customer reviews say we're the best in customer service. Let take your phone to the next level.

Custom Clip-on Or Belt Holster/ Sportsman No.2

Smith & Wesson J-Frame 2

By Sportsman


Belly Band Holster Concealment Gun Carry Holster Choose Models

Fits 38-48 Inch Belly Band

By Unbranded



Right Hand Belt Holster for

By Handmade-CHM


J Frame Revolver
Leather holster for Smith and Wesson J frame revolver

Leather holster for Smith and

By Gould & Goodrich


Belly Band Holster IWB OWB Holster Waist Pistol Gun Holster-Choose Model

Belly Band Holster IWB OWB

By Unbranded


J Frame Holster 3 Inch

Leather goods offers a top-grade 3-inch deep-pocketed Holster for the glock this model is specifically designed to provide a secure fit and protect your gun while on the go, the pancake Holster gives a comfortable fit and is uncomplicated to fasten or remove after using. The smith and wesson J Frame Holster is a top-notch choice to protect your gun while on the go, it features a luxurious, high-quality brown leather thumb break this Holster comes in three sizes so that you can find a top-notch fit for your gun. This rifle is an used one that is located at a gun show, it grants outstanding stock and hand guard, and is covered in deep the barrels are black metal with a light brown finish on them. There is a black finish on the left side of the barrel and a light brown finish on the right side of the barrel, the magazine well is brown owb with a black luster stock. The Holster is an owb strap with a black luster grip and black strap with brown owb on the left side and black luster on the right side, this rifle is complete with no failures to birth or failures in the latest picatinny system. The user offers placed an 357 mag data book into the magazine well, anda two oe guide into the magazine well with no problems, this is a top-of-the-line opportunity to purchase a clean and well- kept firearm! This 3 inch J Frame Holster is designed to carry your gun like fashion. It is manufactured with a comfortable, yet high-quality, covering that will make sure you look your best, this Holster also includes straps that will held your gun in all but the most critical photos.