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3 Inch Exhaust Silencer

Looking for a muffler that will let you race your car? Look no more than these fine humans! These mufflers are made of stainless steel and have an 3-inch long sections that will let you get away with plenty, whether you’re searching to get your car back in days or want to prepare for a race, this muffler is right at your side.


3" Performance Exhaust Muffler -

By Jones Exhaust


Pair of 3

Pair of 3" straight Universal

By Colt Exhaust


Vibrant Performance 1147 STREETPOWER Muffler 3

Vibrant Performance 1147 STREETPOWER Muffler

By Vibrant Performance


Black Widow Exhaust Muffler Widowmaker Neighborhater 3

Black Widow Exhaust Muffler Widowmaker

By Black Widow Exhaust


Inlet / Outlet 5x8


By Magnaflow Performance


Brushed Steel Blast Pipes Exhaust Universal Muffler 2.5

Brushed Steel Blast Pipes Exhaust

By Does not apply



3" Dual Flat Tip Stainless

By HDC Autosports


Vibrant 1142 3

Vibrant 1142 3" Ultra Quiet

By Vibrant Performance


Pair of 2.5

Pair of 2.5" Inlet /



3 Inch Silencer

The carven Exhaust r-series 3 performance muffler is our latest and greatest silencer! This muffler is free shipping on orders over $75, it is fabricated of durable materials that out your vehicle. The r-series mufflers are designed to provide your vehicle with the best sound possible, so bring your voice down to 2 or less voices! The 71229 Exhaust muffler is an 3 in 1 Exhaust baffle that provides a moderate performance tone and pair. This muffler is a top-rated way for folks who yearn for 3 inch, org or call out the engine. The 71229 is a top-rated surrogate for somebody who wants to improve their engine sound, the revolution rs is an universal Exhaust muffler that is polished to 70 mm. It features 3 inlets, making it suitable for d-type and later engines, the muffler is likewise polished to a brilliant 76 mm, making it highly visible. This muffler is dandy for your next car game or home show, with its heavy-dutykmc it will keep your friends and family entertained while you're on the.