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3 Inch Dual In Dual Out Muffler

Looking for a full-throttle motorhome race muffler? Look no more than the 3-inch muffler! This race-inspired Muffler features a Dual Out panel and is terrific for or rhodes engines, compatible with all 3-inch mufflers, this Muffler gives you of the engine's power and sound.

MAGNAFLOW PERF EXHAUST Rumble Aluminizd Muffler 3in Center/Dual 2.5 Out P/N - R2




SPINTECH Muffler  Dual IN / Dual OUT 3.0

SPINTECH Muffler Dual IN /

By Spintech


40 Series Flow Muffler 2 Chamber Single In / Dual Out - 3

40 Series Flow Muffler 2

By Allied


SPINTECH SPIN TECH MUFFLER  9000 Super Pro series 2.5


By XP100 Series


3 Inch Inlet Dual Outlet Muffler

The 72198 Muffler 409 s 3 center in, is a Muffler with an 3 inch inlet Dual outlet muffler. This Muffler is moderate In sound, and will provide plenty of air circulation In your car, it features a body and an easy-to-read, white font design. Is adjustable to suit a variety of cars, the Dual 3 inlet Muffler is practical for a diesel or mountain car. It extends two 3 inlet vents so your air flow can be controlled In advance, the design is basic to adopt and practical for the track. The 72198 flow fx moderate sound Muffler is a top-notch Muffler for enthusiasts digging for a Muffler that is moderate In sound, this Muffler features a Dual Out section that provides extra air flow for your vehicle. The 72198 flow fx moderate sound Muffler is furthermore versatile for use In a number of other states, the super pro series 94410 Muffler is a fantastic substitute for enthusiasts who itch for a Dual muffler. It is manufactured from durable materials and gives a high quality to make both power and sound come Out of your vehicle, this Muffler also imparts a system that makes it last long.