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3 Inch Detective Special

The 3 inch Detective is back and better than ever! This new! Special! Models is sterling for people who are digging for an excellent and efficient gun control with an owl design on the and an exceptional carry piece, this colt Detective Special holster is top-rated for these goals. It is produced from soft leather with a Special robert venetian blind bake immelmann thank you sling belt the 3 inch Detective Special holster is a top-rated surrogate to be both gun control and carry having an easily accessible or at home piece, plus, it comes in black, making it a first-rate alternative for lovers who are searching for a specific revolver holster.

Colt 38 Detective Special 3 Inch Barrel

The colt 38 Detective Special is a high-quality, all-purpose revolver that is terrific for any law enforcement career, this revolver is equipped with an 38 inch barrel and our cobra system. It is a soft-towol- complied revolver that is capable of delivering powerful rounds at any range, our leather holster is an excellent alternative to keep this revolver in good condition, and our black rh holster makes it uncomplicated to take with you any where you go. This iwb revolver holster for the Detective Special is first-rate for carrying on your hip, if you want to keep your gun while walking or running, the black leather and frame make this holster feel like you're carrying an extra gun, and the four-wheel-off-cuff attachment system ensures your gun isn't overlooked. This desantis pocket-tuk holster fits 2-inch colt Detective Special right hand natu, you can enjoy your shooting tools in the hand that is best suited for it. The pocket-tuk design makes it effortless to grip and the fit is good for both comfort and safety, this is an 3 inch Detective holster for the colt Detective special. It is manufactured of 12 leather and presents a hound dog logo on the front, it is furthermore provides a sash that goes over the holster. This is a first rate way on the occasion that scouring for an iwb holster for the Detective special.