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1999 Tahoe 3 Inch Lift

This is an 3 inch Lift spindle knuckle pair leveling kit for the 1999-06 chevy gmc truck, it fits both up and level. It's a sensational kit for when you need a higher level of support for your truck.

99 Tahoe 3 Inch Lift

The 99 Tahoe 3 inch Lift kit is designed to help level the vehicle for use in the car show industry, this kit is specific to vehicles that have an 3 inch Lift or more. It is recommended to operate the leveler on the top of the vehicle to level the level of the vehicle, the leveler is available in various colors and sizes to tailor your specific vehicle. The team at 99 Tahoe 3 inch Lift kit will be more than happy to help you through the process of leveling the level of the vehicle, this product is a rear shock extender that fits an 99-21 chevy gmc sierra silverado 1500 2 wd 4 wd. It helps provide an 2-3 Lift fit, it is manufactured of sturdy materials and gives a valuable design. The 1999 Tahoe 3 inch Lift is a sterling alternative for individuals with a heavy truck, it can raise the truck height up to 3 inches without having to remove the back of the truck. It is moreover first-rate for truck enthusiasts who need to raise the truck height without removing the back of the truck, this 3 inch Lift kit Tahoe will Lift your suburban Tahoe to a third of the size. The kit includes a torsion tool and a full Lift tool, the torsion tool can handle all the Lift required while the tool ensures consistent and unequaled Lift across the entire job.